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Our Baja adventure 2013 had so many incredible moments. On our final day in Baja, it was suggested by our boat captain that we skip our last whale watching session as high winds were making the seas rough. A few of us so deeply yearned for a final goodbye to the whales that we bundled up and ventured out. Our Mexican based outfitter, Mar Y Aventuras is fantastic and agreed to take us out on that windy early morning in Magdalena Bay. As we watched a gray whale repeatedly breach off in the distance, we reflected upon our profound whale encounters in the breeding lagoons of Baja. I think each of us were quietly accepting that a final friendly visit by a California gray whale was unlikely.

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I had just mentioned to my group that it was Jean Peterson’s memorial service and we collectively sent love and light to Jean, her partner Mary and daughter Lucy. Jean yearned to be close to whales. Before she died, Jean gave me the book Grayson, a true story about a young swimmer who encounters a baby gray whale off of southern California.

Moments later, Frieda a California gray whale, a so called “friendly whale”, one that intentionally seeks human contact paid us a final visit. We recognized her by the distinctive scar on her barnacle laden rostrum. Moved beyond words, we watched her leave titling her head upward catching a final glimpse of us. Slowly and with intention she made her way to the only other boat in the vicinity.

As we drove off we watched a group of excited strangers thrilled by a visit from a whale named Freida. Though we will never meet the members of that small vessel, we share a common thread, a sublime encounter that will not be forgotten.

Kim Powell is owner, operator and head naturalist at Blue Water Ventures in Santa Cruz, CA. Each winter she travels to Baja, Mexico leading a 10 day eco-adventure, from desert to sea.

Blue Water Ventures Offers naturalist-led field trips for students and adventurous vacations for adults designed to be relaxing with an educational component. Kim has been organizing single and multiple day excursions to extraordinarily beautiful places since 1985. Find out more at http://www.bluewaterventures.org

Reservations are rolling in for our next women’s sea kayaking, snorkeling, whale watching adventure to Baja, January 28th 2012 with Blue Water Ventures. This is an amazing adventure, from desert to sea!
Trip Highlights
* Kayaking through mangroves and from our secluded base camp of Espiritu Santo Island in the Sea of Cortez
* Unforgettable Encounters with Cailfornia Gray Whales, Magdalena Bay on Baja’s Pacific Coast
* Snorkeling with Sea Lions and Colorful Reef Fish in the blue waters of Baja
* Beach combing for treasures along beautiful deserted beaches
* Delicious local seafood caught and prepared by our Mexican Crew
* Skiff supported base camps with spacious tents
* Naturalist-led hikes, snorkeling excursions and whale encounters
* Sunrises and Sunsets over magnificent desert scenery
*Swimming alongside a filter feeding harmless shark that may be over 30 feet in length

Every February, a group of women head to Baja to snorkel with the world’s largest fish, the whale shark. In the last 18 months Kim Powell, owner of Blue Water Ventures has searched for whale sharks on 8 occasions and has swam with them each time. Join Blue Water Ventures as explore the Baja Peninsula, swimming with whale sharks, sea lions and reef fish. We then head to the Pacific side for extraordinary encounters with California Gray Whales in Magdalena Bay.

Our next all women’s adventure to Baja is January 28th- February 6th, 2012 followed by an optional whale shark snorkel extension. Check it out at: http://www.bluewaterventures.org

Join Blue Water Ventures every February as we snorkel with sea lions in the Sea of Cortez!

Looking for the ultimate Baja Adventure? Join Blue Water Ventures every February as we have eye to eye encounters with California Gray Whales, Whale Sharks and Sea Lions. Our next adventure is January 28th-February 5th, 2012 and is designed as a trip for women. Included is an optional extension to swim with the world’s largest fish, the Whale Sharks, february 6th-8th.

People have described this adventure as “life changing” on their “bucket list”.

Join us!

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