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Encounter with a Humpback Whale

The California population of humpback whales may exceed 50 feet in length and weigh over 80,000 pounds. When food is available, they may consume over 4000 pounds daily trapping their prey in fringed baleen plates that hang from their upper jaw. Humpback whales that give birth in the South Pacific region of Tonga feed in the rich Antarctica polar region and may weigh as much as 50 tons or 100,000 pounds.
Dipping into the indigo blue deep water around the islands of Tonga, it was somewhat difficult to grasp how big these incredible mammals were. Snorkeling next to them it was clear you were with one of the biggest animals on earth but size was harder to determine against the deep blue background. However, during one memorable swim a mother humpback whale glided below us to escort her calf away from the potentially dangerous shallow reef that the young whale was heading for. As the mature female whale cruised below us we could see how massive she was against the shallow reef. It was truly one of those moments of awe and wonder watching a graceful, gentle and gigantic creature care for its young calf. Join our next Whale encounter in the lagoons of Baja with http://www.bluewaterventures.org

Humpback Whales of Monterey Bay

Outstanding close encounter with a mother and calf Humpback whale today!

It is  a truly remarkable  honor to live on the edge of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

DSC01947 DSC01931 2Coined the “Serengeti of the Sea”, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary lies within a biologically rich pathway intersecting the migration patterns of an array of marine mammals, sea birds and even our planet’s largest sea turtle, the leatherback. 34 species of marine mammals are found within out extraordinary sanctuary, the largest federally protected marine reserve in the United States.

Several days ago on a naturalist-led adventure with Blue Water Ventures we kayaked among a dozen Humpback Whales. Reaching a length of 45 feet and weighing 80,000 pounds we were truly humbled by their gentle presence.

Today was another outstanding day aboard Sanctuary Cruises as we experienced an array of whale behavior from pectoral slapping, tail slaps, lunge feeding and a spectacular double breach. Using a hydrophone we could hear the underwater vocalization of the humpbacks and above water the erie sound of  trumpeting whales. Humpback whales  are known to trumpet, a  shrieking balloon like  sound emitted through their blowhole when under stress such as an predatory attack or when excited by food.  The abundance of anchovies  In Monterey Bay right now seemed to be a reason to celebrate! Join us on our next naturalist-led adventure with Blue Water Ventures.DSC01984 2





What a spectacular day on the water with the humpback whales and marine wonders of the Monterey Bay. Bait fish have moved in close to our coast again creating a feeding frenzy among sea birds, sea lions, dolphins and whales. Humpbacks, which are capable of switching their diet from krill to bait fish thrive in such conditions where as other baleen whales such as Blues are restricted to krill blooms.

Check out http://www.bluewaterventures.org for our next whales and wildlife adventure by kayak, bioluminescence night paddles, Florida

manatees, Baja whales and more! DSC01865

Every February, a group of women head to Baja to snorkel with the world’s largest fish, the whale shark. In the last 18 months Kim Powell, owner of Blue Water Ventures has searched for whale sharks on 8 occasions and has swam with them each time. Join Blue Water Ventures as explore the Baja Peninsula, swimming with whale sharks, sea lions and reef fish. We then head to the Pacific side for extraordinary encounters with California Gray Whales in Magdalena Bay.

Our next all women’s adventure to Baja is January 28th- February 6th, 2012 followed by an optional whale shark snorkel extension. Check it out at: http://www.bluewaterventures.org

Dear Teachers:

Looking for a really unique experience for your students? We hope you consider joining us on our most popular field trip, kayaking in the incredibly rich wetlands of Elkhorn Slough. Blue Water Ventures offers a unique program that includes activities in the water and on land to reinforce our outdoor curriculum. While most outfitters spend only a few hours on the water, we feel we offer something special for your students.

Our Elkhorn Slough curriculum typically includes: wetlands ecology, endangered species, natural history of sea otters, harbor seals, sea birds. Etc and cultural history. Leadership and teamwork are key components of your field trip. After lunch, we can pull a large seine net and examine our catch. You can let me know what other specific topics you would like covered.

We offer a leisurely paced, full day in Elkhorn Slough (9:30-2:00) for only $34 per person with a complimentary trip for one teacher. if parents are driving, they often join us which can be helpful. Parent chaperones also pay the student rate of $34.

Be sure to check us out at: http://www.bluewaterventures.org


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