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What a stellar day we had viewing the Elephant Seals of Ano Nuevo and tidepooling at Davenport Landing! A great group of women from Betty’s List teamed up with Blue Water Ventures for an incredible day.

IMG_0656Mature female elephant seals and juvenilles are returning to the beaches of Ano Nuevo for a catastrophic molt, where patches of both skin and hair flake off their bodies. A shiny new gray coat is revealed.




Juvenille males are around testing their battling skills in the shallows and a few weaned pups or “weaners” remain on the beaches.

IMG_0673 (1)

April is truly an outstanding time to hike Ano Nuevo, teachers please join us with your students!

Our day ended with a juvenille gray whale breaching just past the surfers at Davenport Landing.

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Join Blue Water Ventures every year as we lead groups of intrepid thrill seekers to view Elephant Seals found basking, fighting, birthing and mating along the California Coast. Our destinations include seal rookeries at Ano Nuevo, Piedras Blancas and Point Reyes.

We offer hikes for all ages. April-May is very popular with our school field trip program at Ano Nuevo where the weaned pups known as “weaners” are frolicking in the puddles.

January finds our naturalist on the road to Piedras Blancas, south of Big Sur for incredible viewing during the height of mating season.

Our summer Marine Science and Kayaking Camp includes a day at Ano Nuevo when the massive males have returned from Alaska to molt.


Never a dull Blue Water moment when it comes to watching Elephant Seals–Join us!

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