Happy World Oceans Day!

We are grateful for such incredible ocean creatures as the Whale Shark and the opportunity to educate our clients about them through in water encounters. Throughout the world, some fisherman are hanging up their gill nets and turning to ecotoursim as an alternative. When properly managed, these shifts save millions of pounds of by catch yearly, turles, ceteceans, fish and benthic invertebrates that would otherwise die in horrible destructive gill nets.

Our women’s trip to swim among these giants in November, hotel based still has some availability as does our February “Glamping Adventure”. We’ve added an opportunity to swim among the whale sharks in February making it truly the ultimate Baja adventure from baby gray whale encounters to giant whale sharks! Check it out at: http://www.bluewaterventures.org/baja_000.htm

SNORKELING WITH WHALE SHARKS: Entering the water next to a shark which may exceed 30 feet in length is truly an unforgettable encounter!
30 footers are barely mature while adult pregant females may reach a length of 60 feet with a massive gerth, just imagine such an encounter!

As filter feeders, whale sharks are considered harmless to snorkelers who respect these majestic sea creatures. Sometimes whale sharks are feeding leisurely at the surface while other times they are gliding effortlessly at a high speed. Excellent viewing can be made from our support boat; always a Bluie Water Ad-Venture!