Blue Water Ventures offers naturalist-led field trips for students and educational adventures for adults. For schools, each field trip is customized to meet the instructional objectives of the teachers we work with. For adult programs, we design vacations that are adventurous and relaxing with an educational component.

We have a great following of women who join us on local and international adventures each year. Imagine a week sailing in the Caribbean~ warm water, beautiful reefs, sandy beaches and daily adventures while living aboard a spacious Catamaran.
In Belize we kayak through a lush tropical forest exploring a series of nine underground caves. We climb Mayan ruins and live on a remote tropical island snorkeling and kayaking daily. In Baja we swim along side whale sharks, the world’s largest fish and snorkel at a sea lion rookery. Eye to eye encounters with California Gray whales makes Baja one of our most popular trips.

Each year, we snorkel among the The Florida Manatees For centuries, sailors thought these 2000 pound herbivores were part woman and part fish, seductive fair maidens of the sea.

Be sure to check out our Trips for Women link for the latest adventure in California, the Caribbean and beyond!
Many Santa Cruz schools choose the protected water of Elkhorn Slough for a day of kayaking. For fifth graders and above, no previous kayaking experience is necessary. Visit our School Field Trips link offering student programs from the California wetlands to the reefs of Belize. As environmental educators we believe in hands on learning experiences using the outdoors as our classroom.