Elkhorn Slough is a fantastic location for a corporate team building event and our professional naturalists are ready to assist you! Our programs always include incredible wildlife viewing that helps to build a sense of unity among colleagues. Birding is fantastic and there are plenty of marine mammals to view.

We can do a variety of team building activities such as “walking the plank” problem solving and kayak races.

Some corporate groups choose to do an evening paddle with us. Night kayaking is magical and when conditions are favorable, we may witness the extraordinary light show produced by bioluminescent plankton. During the summer and early fall, bioluminescent algal blooms may light up the dark night water with every stoke of our paddle blade.

Leaving from Moss Landing, we’ll have a leisurely paddle through Elkhorn Slough before full darkness is upon us. Our trip will begin with a quiet observation of 20-30 sea otters that reside in Moss Landing Harbor. Beginners welcomed.

The Protected harbor of Pillar Point near Halp5070389f Moon Bay is another great destination to enjoy a team building event.

Hope you can join us!





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