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Gray Whale Encounter: Baja

Our new whale camp provided by our amazing Mexican Outfitters, Mar y Aventuras is truly outstanding. Each day, mama gray whales and their offspring chose close and intimate encounters with us. There was never a session in which this unbelievable and profound blending of two species did not occur.

Baja whale camp was a joyful and moving celebration of these magnificent mammals who offer so many lessons to teach us. Slaughtered to near extinction in the lagoons of Baja, Gray whales now gently bring their offspring to us. What is the message conveyed to their young?

What are the lessons we are taught by these gentle giants. Why do they choose to approach us? Our tiny ponga is dwarfed by mama’s massive size as she glides gently below the hull of our boat. I am humbled and moved. Join our next Baja adventure with

We are back from one of the most profound wildlife encounters of my 30 year career as a naturalist…..Gray Whales of Baja featuring our new whale camp with Thanks to our incredible Mexican Outfitter, Mar y Aventuras~top notch!

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