Journey of the Baby Sea Turtle

DCIM100GOPRODuring our last few days in Baja. we joined the volunteers at Grupo Tortuguero de Todos Santos AC. Here is  their Facebook link:
The Castillo family welcomed our participation in their efforts to help save the endangered olive ridley sea turtles. We were humbled and honored to be a part of the program. As the sun dipped below the blue horizon, we watched 100’s of little tortugas erupt out of the Baja sand. We then carried them a bit closer to the water’s edge preventing any land predators from taking their toll.
As the little tortugas labored towards the water’s edge, valuable information is gathered in a process known as imprinting. Several decades later and after thousands of miles of open ocean swimming, female olive ridleys will return to the beach they were born at. There in the darkness of night she will deposit her own clutch of eggs and the life cycle continues.
To swim among the massive whale sharks then witness the little turtle’s incredible journey will remain on our Blue Water bucket list…..join us next November on our warm water Baja adventure at