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A very naughty otter literally popped up by our sea kayaks today tossing around a mangled grebe. My crew were instructed to splash, then paddle away as the otter approached us clutching a dead grebe in one paw and 2 shiny pebbles in the other. Moments later we heard the distinctive sound of pebble against kayak haul as the otter dove beneath us and tapped away. Its been a few years since I’ve watched an otter toss a grebe around like a rubber ducky. While its fascinating to watch, its a reminder that sea otters have large canines capable of ripping the head off a sea bird.

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How Big Are They?
We are gearing up for our yearly elephant seal adventure for women south of Big Sur this weekend. If you were to combined the weight of the 22 NFL super bowl players (on average) their combined weight would not exceed that of one male elephant seal! Some of the largest males exceed 5400 pounds and the southern elephant seal is even more massive. Something to consider as you watch the game or better yet, view elephant seals during the height of their breeding and birthing season!

Few spaces remaining for our naturalist-led weekend, 1/31 details at: