On our last groupon offering of the season, we had a great view of a rare visitor to Elkhorn Slough, the Stellar Sea Lion, Eumetopias janatusAn adult male will get your attention weighing in at 2400 pounds, three times the weight of a California Sea Lion male.  They are easily  distinguished by their size and golden mane of thick fur around their neck which only the males develop.  They lack a sagittal crest, the distinguishing bump on the forehead that the California Sea lion males develop.


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During their breeding and pupping season  from late May to mid July, you may view  Stellar Sea Lions  on Ano Nuevo Island which marks their southern range for pupping.  While numbers have diminished drastically over the last 100 years, the largest concentration of Stellars occur in the Gulf of Alaska and Aleutian islands.  During the late 1800’s through 1930’s, Stellar sea lions here hunted for their oil and hides. Through the 1950’s, sea lion hunts were established by commercial fisheries in an effort to reduce numbers and the impact Stellars had on  commeically  viable fish. When kayaking near sea lion dock in North Moss Landing Harbor, be sure to allow extra space between you and the dock when the territorial Stellar Sea lion is present.

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