Every february Blue Water Ventures travels to the whale breeding lagoons of Baja teaming up with our incredible local outfitter, Mar Y Aventuras. For 10 action packed days, we snorkel with sea lions, observe reef fish, sea kayak, beachcomb and hope for a ‘friendly” encounter with the California gray whales of Magdalena Bay.

Gray whales are known to be friendly at times, intentionally seeking interactions with humans. It is entirely the choice of the whales that reach 50 feet in length and 80,000 pounds, far greater than our tiny ponga boats.



This underwater footage of two California Gray whales was captured by Kim Powell, owner, operator and head naturalist of Blue Water Ventures based in Santa Cruz, CA.

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I hope you might consider joining us as we explore Baja, from desert to sea!

Kim Powell is owner, operator and head naturalist at Blue Water Ventures in Santa Cruz, CA. Offering naturalist-led field trips for students and adventurous vacations designed to be relaxing with an educational component for women. Kim has been organizing single and multiple day excursions to extraordinarily beautiful places since 1985

Sincerely, Kim of Blue Water Ventures